All of the services performed at Trucco Skin are ideal for both men and women who wish to enhance and restore features, without daily maintenance! Cosmetic tattoos are also a great option for people who have loss of vision or of motor skills due to aging or medical conditions.

Most people are tired of constantly filling in their brows, putting on eyeliner or lipstick and are looking for a more permanent solution to feeling and looking their best in every situation, all day, every day. If this describes you, then our services are for you. Also, if you have suffered from some sort of hair loss or are looking for a more natural look without putting in so much effort, you are a good candidate for cosmetic tattoos. Cosmetic tattoos are also great for people who are active, always on the go, busy moms, people in the entertainment or performance industry who need to look good at any given time, or anyone who simply want to spend less time in front of the mirror. 

We accept all appointment bookings on our website by clicking the BOOK NOW tab. This allows you to instantly schedule any service we provide anytime it is convenient for you! You will be given options of availability to select from along with confirmation text and emails to remind you of your appointment.


Due to high demand, Marisa and Rosetta book up months in advance, however, trustworthy services are well worth the wait! If you do not see availability for months out, an additional option is to book with another of our valued and talented team members. If you wish to be placed on our waitlist, you must first book an appointment, and you will be given the opportunity to send a message requesting to be placed on our waitlist.


Please keep in mind, our business is strictly appointment based. If you have a question or concern that cannot be found on our site, please fill in the information on the “contact us” section and we will be in touch to answer your questions.

Trucco Skin offers e-gift certificates as a great way to share the gift of feeling your best. We offer e-gift certificates in any denomination, that do not expire. You will be given the option to either have the e-gift directly emailed to your recipient, or sent to your email. Unused balances may be credited to future services or used for home care products. You can click this link or go to the dropdown tab at the top of our site.

We have the prices listed next to each service on our website. We also offer bundle prices for 2 or more services booked and purchased at the same time, these specials are also listed on our website.

We accept cash or credit card for payment of your procedure. If you choose to tip your technician, you may do this with cash or through Venmo.

At Trucco Skin, we make client safety our top priority. All technicians are certified to handle bloodborne pathogens, needles, and pigments. The products and pigments we use are of highest quality, vegan friendly, cruelty free, gamma ray sterilized, single use, and made in the USA. In addition, we pride ourselves on natural, subtle, timeless enhancements. Each procedure is designed to complement your individual characteristics and tones.

We are grateful to be the only cosmetic tattoo clinic to be awarded “Best of’ in Montgomery County, by the residents who reside there.

It is not required to have a consultation before booking your service since we allot time to each treatment to discuss expectations, as well as provide a visual before performing the service. We do however, understand that you may have questions about your treatment you wish answered prior to making your service appointment. We offer a variety of one-on-one consultation options, which will allow you to discuss the results you are looking to achieve. Our in-person consultation will give you the chance to preview what you can expect your cosmetic or paramedical tattoo to look like with the use of traditional makeup. Your technician will carefully measure and professionally design a look that is most complimentary to your features and lifestyle. Consultations do not allow time to perform the actual service and a separate appointment will need to be made to reserve that time. 

See “Pre Procedure” found in each service section.

See “Post Procedure” found in each service section.

Each service is reserved by appointment only. That particular time and day has been reserved exclusively for you and we are thrilled to give each of our guest’s individual, customized attention. When a client fails to arrive for their procedure on time or not at all, it greatly impacts us, as well as other guests who are either booked after the appointment or who would have chosen that time.


We understand life can get hectic and on rare occasions there is no alternative but to change or cancel your appointment. We kindly request a 48-hour notice of cancellation to allow us to accommodate someone on our cancelation list.


If you are a no show, no future procedures booked by you will be accepted. If you wish to speak to the owners regarding future bookings, you may email TruccoSkin@gmail.com.


If you are excessively late to your appointment, there is a chance you may have to reschedule, and in this case, you will be required to pay a $100 “I’m sorry” fee in order to rebook a future appointment.

Cosmetic Tattooing, also known as Micropigmentation, Permanent Makeup, Microblading or Semi Permanent Makeup, are all forms of tattooing used to enhance features for brows, eyes, lips and scalp. It helps to restore what time has taken away, gives back precious time you normally spend putting on cosmetics in the morning and refreshing throughout the day. It is also helpful to those who are allergic to conventional cosmetics, those with visual impairment, watery eyes, and those with unsteady or arthritic hands that have difficulty applying makeup.

Paramedical Tattoos are used to reconstruct and enhance areas that have been affected by an illness or condition and support medical work that was done. Paramedical tattoos can be used for Alopecia, scarring left from surgeries and skin grafts, stretch marks and burns. Services offered are 3D tattoos related to mastectomies, radiation marker camouflage related to cancer treatment, and cleft lip pigmentation to name a few. Pigments as well as Microneedling are used in our Paramedical procedures.

Cosmetic and paramedical tattoos, are sometimes referred to as semi-permanent and permanent. This is a confusing, however it is actually both. Anytime pigment is placed into the skin and lasts more than 6 weeks, it’s considered permanent. It’s also considered permanent because you cannot wash or scrub it off. It’s also correct in categorizing it as semi-permanent because the tattoo will fade overtime and will need color refresh appointments to keep it looking vibrant. For some clients, the tattoo can fade away completely, however for others, it may not.

Absolutely! We offer bundle packages for those wishing to have other areas of their face or body restored with a cosmetic or paramedical tattoo.

No, please do not remove any brow hair for as long as possible before your service. We like to use as much of your natural hair as possible for your new shape. We will remove any stray hairs outside of the design we create for you. In the future, you are welcome to have the hair outside your new brow shape removed either by tweezing, shaving, threading, or waxing. It will be easy to see the new shape and maintain it.

If you are a part of the gray hair revolution, we have a wide spectrum of pigments to choose from and are here to help you unapologetically embrace it!! 


If you are not ready to go au naturale, you have a few options! When you color your head of hair, you can use some of the dye directly on your brows (after they have healed) to dye your brow hairs. Another option is to purchase brow mascara in the color of your tattoo for a quick application to the brow hair when needed.  You can also pluck the gray hairs if you don’t want to bother with them.

Trucco Skin is known for and has gained their reputation for their natural looking enhancement techniques.  Aiming to complement each individual in a subtle way, we take lifestyle, personal style, complexion, bone structure, and hair color into consideration for the final outcome. You will be given a chance to preview what you can expect your cosmetic or paramedical tattoo to look like with the use of traditional makeup before the tattoo is performed. We always provide and aim for a natural enhancement that will allow you to add extra color and volume with traditional makeup on those occasions where you want to have a boulder and more dramatic look. If you decide you want your tattoo to have more color, thickness, or volume, we are happy to do that as well with a follow up appointment.

We feel natural, subtle enhancements are most complimentary. However, if you feel the need to add to your tattoo, you can achieve this by having us boost the color and shape with tattoo pigment during a follow-up appointment.


Another option is to simply add your traditional makeup to your tattoo on those occasions you feel you would like a bolder look. You may apply any color overtop of your tattoo to change the color, or add to it. For example, if you would like to temporarily change your lip tattoo color, you may do that with lipstick. If you would like a winged, or thicker eyeliner, you may do that by adding to it with traditional cosmetics.

Whether you receive Microblading or another brow technique, they are all considered a tattoo. The microblading technique uses a specialized hand-held tool with a unique blade to deposit pigment into the second dermal layer of the skin, while the technique of Nano Brows uses a tattoo machine and specialized needle to inject the pigment into the skin. Both techniques are used to create very fine strokes that mimic the appearance of natural eyebrow hair.


Powder Fill, Ombre, Microshading or Combination Brows is achieved with the use of a tattoo machine and select needle configurations to inject pigment into the skin.


As tattoo artists, we use different tools, needle configurations and techniques to create looks, just as a painter uses brushes to create their work of art. Your technician will determine which method is best suited for you, and the overall look you want to achieve. It is not necessary for you to select the exact brow look or technique since your technician will help guide you in what will be best suited for you.  

Cosmetic tattooing is meant to be a natural-looking enhancement of facial features, rather than creating distinct artwork on the body. The depth of implantation for cosmetic tattoos are more superficial than that of body art tattoos, since the skin on the face is much thinner and delicate. In addition, the pigments used for cosmetic tattoos differ in that they are meant to fade over time. This allows changes to be made to the tattoo, for example, the color and shape may be slightly adjusted over the years as your preferences and features change. The pigments used are iron-oxide based, vegan and cruelty-free

Our client’s health and safety are the most important parts of any and every procedure. Tiny, sterile, single use needles are used, with a specially designed electronic device, or hand-held tool, to delicately implant cosmetic pigments into the top layers of the skin.

Tattooing of any kind is considered safe, as long as the procedure is performed by a certified or licensed and insured technician in a licensed facility, that is of sound mind and body. It is also vital that the service provider has received their bloodborne pathogens safety certification. The service provider must show the unopened, single use, sterile needle(s) to be used for your treatment prior to the start of the service. On completion of the treatment, the needles are to be placed into a sharps container and then disposed of correctly. All tools should be professional grade. Pigments must be cosmetic grade, containing no metals, and sterilized and purified for cosmetic use. All ingredients must be approved by the FDA for cosmetic use.


At Trucco Skin, you can rest assured that all these requirements plus more, are in place for your safety and comfort.

Tattoos fade from several factors including: sun exposure, topical skin care products such as Retin-A, Retinols, Retinyls, Retinoids, Vitamin A, Tretinoin, Glycolic, Clindamycin, Acne treatments (prescribed or over the counter), Spironolactone, Salicylic acid, medications for thyroid, iron-deficiencies, unique metabolic activity, and the type of treatment performed. For example, a soft and subtle eyebrow treatment will not last as long as one packed with color. Softer techniques look more natural but also need more maintenance in terms of a color refresh appointment. We do not give time frames on tattoos due to the many factors and uniqueness to each hand crated technique.


We suggest color refresh appointments every 1 to 3 years before a complete re-do is needed. We classify needing a color refresh when you feel the need to fill in with traditional makeup on a daily basis due to color fade.

Yes, absolutely! We draw all of our techniques on beforehand except certain eyeliner and lip techniques where we follow the lip or lash line. We want you to be happy with the design we are creating for you. A drawing will depict the size, placement, and curvature but it does not mimic the exact color, texture, or minute details within the tattoo itself. There is a measure of trust when working with your artist in order to come up with a design that works. As professionals, we want to guide you in the right direction. We have color swatches that we will show you, as well as hold up next to your complexion to ensure you are happy with the selection.


To ensure you are happy with the shape, design, and over all color, you will have several opportunities to see your design and color, and have the choice to make adjustments. If you have any reservations about the tattoo you are getting, you will be given the opportunity for us to make adjustments or to decide not to move forward, with no penalties.  We want clients to take part in the design and ultimately make the decision to whether or not to move forward rather than feel they need to wear something they will never like. Keep in mind, a professional artist will and should make suggestions for design. If you are not comfortable with the possibility of professional suggestions that may differ from what you typically wear, you may not be ready for tattooing.


Please know that once you have approved the design, and the procedure is compete, there are no refunds.

There is little to no downtime for our tattoos.  Facial areas are quick to heal and most clients get back to work, and regular activities* immediately after their procedure. Redness and slight swelling are normal, we highly recommend applying ice, or a cool compress, overtop a clean towel, to the treatment area the day of to reduce swelling. Swelling may last one to four days depending on the area that was treated.  


If you work in an environment where you are exposed to biohazards or bacteria, you may not be able to immediately go back to work for safety reasons.


Once swelling has subsided the skin will begin to shed and may be a bit itchy. The shedding of skin lasts about two to four days and can look like a severe case of dry skin in that area. We will instruct you to use certain lotions, balms or ointments which will be comforting and soothing but will not remove the dead skin. This is one part of the process that you cannot speed up, but it is short lived. It is essential to not pick or rub the excess skin off as this will remove pigment and cause scarring. 


  • If you are planning on participating in exercise that causes you to sweat, water activities, or outdoor activities in direct sunlight, you need to have your procedure done no less than 2 weeks pre or post activity date so that the treatment area is not compromised. The color and healed results do not show until a full 6 weeks post procedure.


  • If you have a special occasion planned, keep in mind that you may have slight swelling for up to a few days post procedure, and scabbing/peeling on week’s 2-3 of the healing process. The color and healed results do not fully show until a complete 6 weeks post procedure.


If you are receiving a Microneedling treatment, your skin will appear sunburned for up to 48 hours post procedure, then on day 3-5 the treated area will lightly peel. It is at your discretion weather or not you want to avoid public situations. Makeup will not look smooth on your skin until about day 5 and after.

Yes, we do! We love referrals and feel it is the best way for others hear and see what we can do for them! For each referred client who completes a new procedure, you’ll receive a $50 credit to use towards any future service or Trucco skincare product. We always ask our gusts how they found us, and once they mention your name, we make a note in your file! You can also earn free services by taking advantage of our referral program if you are not yet a client. Email us at TruccoSkin@gmail.com to register your name and number, let us know that you will be referring friends, family, and coworkers, and we will create your client file for record keeping! 

Everybody has a different level of pain tolerance but most clients are completely comfortable and relaxed during the appointment. You may feel slight discomfort but the results will far outweigh this. You may take Tylenol 30 minutes prior to the appointment but not Asprin.  For both tattoo and microneedling services. If needed, a highly effective numbing solution is applied before and during the treatment to keep you feeling as comfortable as possible. Clients have compared the sensation to surface scratching of the skin, and to tweezing or threading of the eyebrows. Our clients are lying down, and comfortable during the entire procedure and many fall asleep during the procedure.


Once finished, you might feel swollen or a bit sore. You are welcome to relax on our outdoor Trucco Terrace, after your treatment, before heading out.  

There is no standard because there are many factors that determine retention. Your overall health, the medications used, topical skincare, sun exposure, following proper aftercare instructions, just to name a few.  On average, you can expect to have your perfecting appointment 6-8 weeks after your initial appointment if needed. If you have autoimmune conditions, it is very likely you will need two perfecting appointments spaced 6 weeks apart.

A perfecting appointment is often needed after your original appointment and must be booked within 6-8 weeks of the original appointment.

Perfecting appointments are intended to take care of anything that may have been missed in the first appointment, for example adding a few more strokes to your brows, lengthening your eyeliner, or going a bit darker with your lip color. Because we like to go modest on first appointments and allow you to get used to the new look, it is common to want more once you get used to and love your new design.

A color refresh is just as it sounds, intended to refresh color and add to the longevity of your cosmetic tattoo! At Trucco Skin, if you come back within 3 years of your last appointment, we will consider this a color refresh and offer you that pricing.

You do not need a follow-up color refresh appointment after your initial 1-3 year color refresh appointment.

Together, you and your talented artist will look at your overall complexion, hair color, and match a shade that best suites you, your lifestyle, and desired outcome. We also encourage you to bring in your favorite cosmetics for us to color match our pigments to! We carry a wide range of shades at the clinic and can also make suggestions based on photos, as well as looking at our color swatches together! It is important to note that color will be darker immediately after the appointment, fade, and then roughly 80% of the initial color will return by week 6 when you are fully healed. Color will fade over time, which is why we recommend color refresh appointments every 1-3 years.

One of the many benefits to cosmetic tattoo is addressing asymmetrical concerns you may have. As cosmetic tattoo artists, we can use color and design to achieve balance. We are NOT striving for perfection, and quite honestly, it’s unhealthy and unrealistic to try and do so. We’ve all heard the saying, “sisters, not twins”. Our faces, and entire bodies, both internally and externally, are not carbon copies of the other side. Many factors contribute to why one side may be different than the other, such as bone structure, muscle development and strength, and past injury, just to name a few.

Microneedling does not have any pigment/ink being deposited into the skin. Sometimes microneedling is done as the first step before a tattoo to soften a scar or even skin texture and tone so that pigment will have better retention in the skin. Microneedling, and sometimes referred to as Collagen Induction Therapy (CIT), is a unique, minimally invasive technique that rejuvenates the skin and increase collagen production.


Micropigmentation is a term used to describe cosmetic tattooing. Color pigments are placed just below the dermis of the skin for the purpose of creating definition to enhance the individual’s natural beauty. This service is custom designed for each individual client according to their face shape, skin-tone, eye color, hair color and most importantly, skin type. Cosmetic tattoos as the require periodical maintenance to ensure the color freshness of the look.

Yes, however, on the first session we will have to neutralize your lips to cancel out the cool tones. This means the initial color we tattoo MUST be orange and sometimes yellow! If we are to tattoo any other color you risk darkening your lips further or having absolutely no results at all. When healed at 6 weeks, most, if not all of the darkness in your lips will be covered and your lips will have a nude-pink even tone. Note that results cannot be guaranteed and lightening or evening out dark lips may take a few sessions.

If your lips are two-toned, cool, brown, dark looking, you will need to have a neutralization procedure.


If you are still not sure, no worry, your artist will be able to analyze and discuss this with you during your appointment.

Yes! in no way does having Lip filler interfere with the process of tattooing lips or the results. Please be aware that lip filler and lip tattoo appointments MUST be at least 4 weeks apart from each other.

  • You are under 18
  • You are pregnant or breastfeeding
  • Have been on Accutane within the past year.
  • Undergoing Chemotherapy
  • You are Epileptic
  • You are taking medications that may affect how your skin responds to blood clotting and healing.
  • You develop infections easily
  • If your previous tattoo is too dark or thick (please email a photo for removals and coverups to TruccoSkin@gmail.com)
  • Please refer to the pre-procedure page for additional information.

This procedure can trigger cold sores for carriers of the herpes simplex virus. To prevent cold sores from flaring up it is recommended to go to your family doctor and get an antiviral medication prescribed to take. Note that a cold sore outbreak can alter the healed results of the tattoo. You may also take Lysine, an over-the-counter supplement to aid in suppressing a flair up.

Yes! If you would like to be on our waitlist, you must schedule an appointment on our website “Book Now” tab. You will have the opportunity during that process to send a note alerting us that you would like to be placed on our waitlist if an appointment should open up prior to your booked appointment.   

Yes, only 2mm. The skin on the lips is not the same as on the face and things can look unnatural or get unpredictable when we tattoo too far outside the natural lip line. 

Tips are not required but very much appreciated!

Cosmetic tattoos or Microneedling procedures are not safe for women who are pregnant or nursing. Pregnancy can cause undesirable results due to hormonal changes in the body. In most cases, we use lidocaine, which may enter into the bloodstream.

That’s totally fine. We will assess whether you need a removal, color correction, or color refresh prior to beginning your service. You can book your service for what area your tattoo is in and we will guide you.

Yes! Cosmetic, paramedical tattoos and microneedling is wonderful and safe for all!


Be aware that light blonde or red heads/translucent skin/light eyes, due to hypersensitivity and thinness of this skin type, may be more sensitive to pain and in general may need an extra perfecting appointment since generally these skin types do not hold color as well and can bleed quite easily.

If you are excessively tanned or you have a sunburn, a procedure is not recommended. Wait for the skin to fully heal and return to your natural complexion before receiving your treatment.

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